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Showcase cover image for 1959  El Camino restoration

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i just wanted to post some pics on my 1959 el camino restoration its not going to be a show car by any means but all the rust will be gone i've been taking parts down to metal then painting them to stop the rust its amazing what u can do with a 3 dollar rattle can of walmart paint ! lol ! as i take these body panels down to bare metal i can see what an idiot someone has been by all the bondo used when not necessary if they just would have taken the panel off and used a hammer and dolly to peen the dents out ! they also used a dent puller so lots of holes that ive been fillng with a mig welder then grinding it out a much cleaner finish product ! anyway hope u all enjoy the pics ive posted and look forward to reading any replies and comments that may come my way !



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