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Finally got my hands on a 1981 SS. I know its not like alot of your rare machines but this thing is all factory original paint. Dont look bad + then again its30 years old so Im not changing a thing. Jut buffing out, then loading the wax on. Leather interior + automatic like so many are. Im still looking for that 4 speed car + then I stop at 3.
2014 Chevrolet Elcamino (White)


305 - headers - big throated manifold - new 4 barrel - new stronger electronics. She really cracs wwhen yo feed it. For a little motor it runs good. Before my divorce I had big blocks with 4 speeds. But Im happy with this.
Burgundy interior That is in fair shape. No rips cracks whatever. Seats could use a foam repact but not really that bad.Has the spare + all carpet behind the Seat. 30 years old + kept it clean. I dont like the racing shifter in it. I always thought buy a clutch if yo want to bang gears. This car lays rubber just shiifting normal so I know that motor has something I dont know about. I really love it!!!!
White with original decals Pinstripe with small to large 1/8 inch large. Then solid decals on very bottom.(Rocker) Ive seen them through the years only here + there. SS hood that looks like it had cowl induction at one time Now it has the original 305 that I dont favor as much as a 350. This one special manifold with new carb(?)Headers--Better electronics--Duals.She cracks when you hit the gas so Im not sure about cam. I dont want to exceed 350-375 HP. They come apart real easy that small305. Valves on +on.
New shocks- nothing special - just works right
Wheel and Tire
It has 4 rims with no holes in it. Aluminum plate type you see at the drags alot. I dont reaaly care for them I like to put Rallys(which should have been there with the car)I really like the older Rallys best. Like on old SS or vettes etc. Thankyou


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