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El Camino
metallic blue
no special packages. All original.
My elky was originally an Arizona truck. I bought it from an gentleman in June of 2012 and he used it as his winter vehicle. That explains all the rust. It hurts me to see all the rust on ths nice classic. It has a '79 229 V6 3.8L engine in it. I accidently ran over a dead deer on the highway a few months ago, but the only damage was a busted fender well on the driver side, and I replaced that with using my other Elky I have for body parts. When I bought my first Elky, it came with all Buick Regal interior. I xant find any oeiginal interior to put back in it.
1978 Chevy El Camino (metallic blue)


It has a '79 229 V6 3.8L engine with manifolds and dual exhaust. Rochester 2-Barrel Carburetor which im going to rebuild this weekend because the primary pump is leaking.
The interior has all Buick Regal interior, everything from the carpet amd liner to the seats and dash. I put a CD player radio in it and took out the Buick cassette player. I need the 2 dash speakers brcause mine are blown. I will say though, that for a Buick interior, it is in really good shape.
I have worked on my Elky quite a bit. It has a brand new gas tank, starter, fuel pump and filter. It also has a whole set of Ralley rims amd Ralley tires with the beauty rings and metal center tall caps.
Front and back coil springs. Front has stock front end shocks and the back has both factory air shocks.
Wheel and Tire
14 inch Ralley rims with Ralley tires. Aluminum beauty rings and 3 out of 4 tall metal center caps.



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