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El Camino
350 ci with 2004r transmission
My son bought it at a farm sale. It was a cream colored car. He built a 350 ci engine for a 73 he had. The 73 rusted apart so he put the engine in the 78. The 78 had body damage on the right side with a large scrape though the passenger door to the rear wheel well. He got his first check at a new job and bumped into a Toyota car. This damaged the front clip, fenders and hood. I bought it from him and started a revival. I bought a rear quarter panel and had it installed. I later seen some damage to the panel where the installer dinged it up. I repaired the panel. I then bought a used door to replace the original. I then found rust inside of the door. I enquired about repair of it, which the shop didn't have the tools to repair it. He advised me to buy a new door. I bought an aftermarket door from Taiwan and installed it myself. A friend gave me a 79 Malibu which I used the hood from. The passenger fender was damaged a little, so I tried to straighten it out, but I wasn't successful. I decided to replace the driver side front fender also. I bought a used set of front fenders. I found out the had a body filler on them and I couldn't straighten the out. I then bought aftermarket fenders. The first 2 were terrible. I sent them back. I then bought another set. I had to make adjustments to get them to fit. I used the front clip from the Malibu and then replaced the 79 grille for a 78.
1078 Chevrolet El Camino (Black)


We replaced the bench seat with a used split bench seat. We removed all the interior and replaced the carpet, seat covers, and door panels. We also put in a dash repair panel.
Replaced right rear quarter panel, passenger door, both of the front fenders, hood. And front clip. It was painted with John Deere Blitz black. Then added the Black Knight decals.
It had a 350 that my son built and a th350 in it with 2.41 gears in the back. I had 200r4 transmission put in and changed the rear gears to 3.73.
Stock suspension.
Wheel and Tire
It has 15" Centerline wheels.



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