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General Information

This car was purchased new in 1987 by a neighbor. I always wanted to leave that note on the windshield that all of us at one time wanted to do. "I know you probably don't want to sell this car........." Fast forward to 2016...... Estate sale......I just happened to drive by at the right moment and the rest is history.
1987 Chevrolet ElCamino (Silver/Grey)


fairly stock 2005 5.3 with a comp cams 212-218 high lift cam and Z06 valve springs and a few of the usual hot-rod items. After a wild drive to TX-LSX in Mansfield for a tune, she put down 330hp and 340tq on the dyno and was way easier to drive home! Now there in absolutely "0" traction but an absolute blast to drive!
Interior is still original and in about 65% shape. Nice enough for now, other than the fact I don't like the maroon color. Will be black someday!
Original. Still wearing factory paint. Still retaining the patina of 32 years in the Texas sun and parking lots. Also a bit of light hail damage to the right side due to being under a carport with the original owner. And a damaged hood that looked like someone heavy sat on it but that only gives me an excuse for a new cowl induction hood in the near future!
After acquiring my 87 I set about getting it running daily. The carb was junk and required extreme cranking to re-fill the bowl just to get it started. Once running it was good other than the fact that I could leave a brick on the throttle and jump out and run past it! I ran so many options through my head, but finally bit the bullet and went with a 5.3LS motor from a 2005 Escalade. 3 years later I'm almost done. Just have heat and A/C to make it a daily driver!
Suspension is still original for now. I did replace upper control arm bushings while the motor was out. It still drives straight as an arrow but pretty sloppy while cornering. Updates will come after A/C and interior re-do.
Wheel and Tire
Currently the wheels I'm running are 2003 S-10 with the ZQ8 suspension package. I'm hoping to find a set from an S-10 Extreme package someday, but not a high priority issue right now.



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