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El Camino
540Hp/ 396, Monster TH400
I bought the car on 8/29/2016 from the guy who had done most of the restoration. It was a 350 eng/ TH350 Trans. Paint was a good 20 footer. All new chrome and stainless. Chrome SS Rally Rims & Caps, Bench Seat new. I will be swapping out the eng/trans next week for the 540HP Big Block and Monster TH400 Trans. Will also swap out the existing rims for 8"x17"
Torque Thrust ll's and will drop it another 2 inches. Looking for some Bucket seats and a console.
1971 Chevy El Camino (Red)


Currently the car has a puny High Milage 350 engine. The car has no A/C. It does have new inner and outer fenders installed.
The engine bay is clean and all new.
The Interior is done in Black Vinyl, which is probably the original color. It all looks good but the quality of the carpeting and Dash Pad are not as good as I'd like them to be and as a result, I will be replacing them soon.
There are no modifications to the body. New fenders,Inner & outer were purchased and installed. New Chrome Bumpers and Stainless trim was also installed. White SS Stripes were added
which I think really makes the Red Paint pop. This is not an SS, but I think the addition of the White SS stripes was a great idea.
Presently the car has a 350 engine. It is doubtful that it is the original engine. I haven't checked the #'s yet because it doesn't matter to me. I have a built 396 in my garage that I've had for 5 years, just waiting for the right vehicle to catch my eye, buy it and install it. The Tranny is a TH350 with a shift kit installed. I have ordered a Monster TH400 built to withstand 650 HP.
Currently, I have replaced the Front Springs which were cut down and tires were rubbing on turns. I installed new stock Springs just to find out what stock looked like. I will be buying Springs with a 2 inch drop and installing them, assuming that the additional weight of the Big Block doesn't get the car lower.
Rear springs have been heated to gain a lower ride. I will be replacing them too.
Wheel and Tire
7"x15" Rally Rims up front and 8"x15" Rally's in the rear. The tires are 8 years old and still have a bunch of tread on them. They are BFG's. I have a set of 8"x 17" Torque Thrust ll's that I will get new tires for and just run them for a while.



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