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Rally Yellow
This started out as two 1985 El Camino's that were both headed to the scrap yard. This cruck is more donor car than original. It was a roller with a rust free body except for the doors and rotted out floorboards due to a leaking rear window. The donor had a good running drivetrain, solid doors, solid floorboards and several miscellaneous parts. I wanted to paint it a subtle color, so I painted it Camaro Rally Yellow. My brother and I did all the bodywork, but hired someone to apply the paint. Started 5/31/10 and had it done enough to show on 5/8/15. What was supposed to be a quick six month econo project tuned into a 5 year not so econo project.
1985 Chevrolet El Camino (Rally Yellow)


Since I installed a cowl induction hood I wanted it functional. It's about $400.00 for a GM airbox setup and I wasn't willing to pay that. Instead I made my own using a 18"X 3" commercial cake pan for less than $100.00 invested.
After cutting out the rotted floor I welded in the floor from the donor car. Then seam sealed and applied roll on truck liner material. Later I decided to Dynomat the whole interior including the roof and doors. The interior is mostly new with the exception of some of the plastic trim pieces.
The exterior hasn't really been modified with the exception of the color and wheels.
The previous owner passed away, so I had no information about the drivetrain. Once I pulled it and looked up the casting number it said it was a 1980-1985 SB 350. I pulled off the valve covers, intake, oil pan and timing cover. Replaced the timing chain and reassembled with a new gaskets and an Edelbrock intake. Also installed a GM serpentine setup and headers.
Wheel and Tire
The front wheels are 17"x 8" with 0 offset/4.5" backspacing and 225/50R-17 Nitto NT450 tires.
The rear wheels are 17"x 9.5" with -5 offset/5.10" backspacing and 255/50R-17 Nitto NT450 tires. Wheels are "Ridler's" by Detroit (made in china) wheels. I had custom center cap emblems made to cover the Ridler logo.



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