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Blue Thunder
El Camino - Custom
Light Sky Blue Metallic
Custom, A/C (needs updating)
Built in Van Nuys (Los Angeles), California plant. Purchased in 2014. California car all of its life (most likely).

Car painted in 2013.
1970 Chevrolet El Camino - Custom (Light Sky Blue Metallic)


350 CI, cast iron heads, blower spec cam, satin finish B&M - Weiand 144 (long snout) Series Supercharger, about 6 lb boost, Holley mechanical fuel pump,
Th700R4 4 speed overdrive auto, tight low stall (1200-1400) torque converter with lock up, aluminum trans pan, B&M Ratcheting Hammer Shifter #80885, and other stuff.
Mark VIII electric fan using single speed controls: Here is Jeff Smith Mk VIII article: https://www.hotrod.com/articles/ccrp-1111-electric-radiator-fans/
Here is a 2017 version of the article.

Unfortunately, the images were moved out of order during website upgrade.
1 ) Holley supercharger double pump 750 CFM. A 0-80576S Holley Supercharger carb with boost reference added and larger accelerator pumps. (Replaced Edlebrock 600 CFM)
2 ) Swap MSD StreetFire HEI (was previously other import)
3 ) Finned aluminum old skool valve covers, breathers and wire looms
4 ) Vacuum and fuel lines cleaned up (new plumbing)
5 ) Dress up the engine, VHT titanium ceramic engine paint to come close to car exterior paint color. Paint blower manifold and body silver.
6 ) PowerMaster Gear Reduction mini starter Model 9100 and new B&M SFI flexplate with 168 ring gear.
7 ) Taylor 8MM spark plug wires
8 ) B&M stacked plate transmission cooler
9 ) New larger lines and A/N fittings for trans cooler to improve flow and cooling.

Yes.... I have yet to get the new air cleaner where it can be on carb and fit inside the cowl hood circle.

Because of the blower and my not having a boost timing module to subtract timing as boost is added, the timing is set up differently than most. Too much advance under load can cause detonation. Not a good thing when you add 1 to 6 lbs of boost.
Since I don't yet know what is inside the block, this is a conservative approach to timing to stay out of detonation. This also seems to encourage the engine to produce less heat. The moderately large blower cam in this engine needs a lot more initial base timing to idle nice and not produce heat in the exhaust chambers and headers.

For now we are trying:
Initial – 28*
Centrifugal – 0* Locked Out
Vacuum – 8-11* (MSD Specs)

So that is 28* of total timing (Initial + Centrifugal and does not include vac advance). All in at idle through WOT.

Then the vacuum advance is controlled via the MSD Vac Advance Cam to add more. So we can get to 36-39* when cruising. We use the limited 8-11* setting on the vac cam and can increase/decrease it if we decide to later by changing the position of the vacuum cam selector.

When accelerating hard, it drops out the vac advance as expected and goes back to 28* for WOT as boost is added.
Orig interior trim was black 755. Refreshed and looks nice.
The Strato Bench is probably from a 70 Riviera. It has the 1970 Strato bucket seat backs with a very comfortable bench bottom. The Strato lower side shields wrap the bottom. The Strato bench seat includes a fold down console with iced tea holders. The seat uses black Sierra, rather than the Chevelle/El Camino black Madrid upholstery.

Dash pad ready to replace (New OPGI dash pad now on hand ready to install).
Dash needs cleaning and polishing of clear plastic lenses.
Steering wheel now (2021 Oct) got a new period correct nice wood wheel with stainless spokes, new turn signal switch/wiring and horn contacts.

2015 April: Added 3 point retractable seat/shoulder harness for driver and passenger by Seat Belt Solutions.

Extra gauges: A-pillar mounted Sun tach, vacuum/boost gauge
Under dash water temp, oil pressure & voltage.
Looks very clean and stock except:
Light Sky Blue Metallic with multi coat clear coat (was originally 45 green mist).
SS hood with black stripes (needed for supercharger clearance).
Some minor chrome emblems removed for smoother look.

2021 July: Added Craftec removable bed cover in black textured leather look vinyl on an aluminum frame. This one has the extra option of flat aluminum bows making it look flatter. https://www.crafteccovers.com/68-72-Chevy-El-Camino_p_97.html
General Motors Performance Products 350 crate engine plus some goodies (blower cam).
B & M 144 forced Induction blower producing 0 to 6 lb boost.
B&M TH700R4 4 speed overdrive trans with aluminum pan.
B & M Hammer Ratchet floor shift.
10 bolt 3.08 rear end.

New dual horns (2021 Oct).

Kenwood stereo/cd/mp3 with speakers in kick panels near your feet. May 2018: It appears the windshield does not have built in antennae. Even though hooked up to radio, no radio reception. The CD is now working. However, with huge pipes and FlowMaster 40's, the Muscle Car Era engine sounds can overpower the CD.
We added an American Auto Wire Headlight Enhancement Relay Harness (2021 Oct). This improves the brightness of the headlights and makes things safer by not having headlight power come into/out of the cabin.
The dash was changed to LED lights in 2016.
The rear stop/turn lights are LED. https://www.elcaminocentral.com/threads/led-tail-lights-70.140306/#post-1367906
Tri-Y 3/4 length headers into huge 3" pipes true dual exhausts, then Flow Master 40s (13 inch) and finally dumps via deer paws just prior to the axles.
Seems to ride pretty nice for a 1970.

Power steering.

Suspension is stock, except shocks had been replaced. Definitely no air shocks (undesirable). Front sway bar installed.

2015 April - Converted from vacuum power brake to hydro boost by http://www.shearperformanceinc.com/
It has power front disk with rear drums. Braking system much improved when converted to Hydro Boost system.
New chrome Corvette style master cylinder. Retained 1970 hold off valve (metering valve) to driver's side of master cylinder and distribution block on frame.
Replaced 4 wheel rubber hoses and rear brake cylinders.
See my thread on
Conversion to Hydro Boost Brake System - 1970 El Camino
Wheel and Tire
Original two piece Boyd Coddington 17 inch Junk Yard Dogs 7" wide in front and 9 " wide in rear. They wear Riken Raptor 225 50R17 front & 255 50ZR17 rear. Tires have a diameter of about 25.9 inches, so that (plus tired orig springs) is why it sits just a little lower than stock.



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Old Bear.....Got to tell you this car is awesome in every way manner and yes form. As my car continues to grow I am going to use this post as a guide. Thank you for sharing this beauty with me.

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Beautiful ride. Definitely custom.