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I got this car as a graduation present from my father. since then we have been through hell and back asking for more.
1987 GMC Caballero (White)


Under the hood is a lq4 I picked up from a 03 yukon. 5.3 l multi port fuel injection and soon to be a turbo engine. Right now I can squeeze 315 to 325 horse out of her though I haven't dynode it yet.
I've replaced the seats and dashboard with Wrap around race seats and a custom made fiberglass which weighs 35 lbs less then the stock dash. got rid of the inaccurate stock gauges for some performance sun pro and VDO gauges. I've also stripped the entire heating system to save about 100 lbs of weight.
on the exterior i haven't done much accept added the custom cowl hood. still waiting on my Torneau cover to be finished though.
When i got her, she came with the stock 305 which i accidently overheated and blew up. after that i replaced it with a mildly built 350 which then blew out the stock turbo 200 R4. Since then I pulled out the stock trans and replaced it with a th350 fully rebuild duel fed 3rd gear a d a shift kit. The 350 small block has been swapped out for a 5.3 l multi port fuel injected ls making 315 horse and a turbo is soon to come. The diff is a fully spooled ford 9 inch with 411s. Should run nice at the strip
suspension is mainly stock in terms of links however way stiffer springs and shocks on all 4 corners makes her handle a little better, and give it that nasty rake that everyone loves to see.
Wheel and Tire
wheels and tires are a set of aluminum slotted rims that i got from my cousin, he had no use for them, with fire hawk Indy 500s in the back and prime well ps 860 sport redials in the front. 235 60 15s in the front keep the tires from rolling over during hard corners while 275 60 15s in the back allow most of the power to be put to the ground.



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