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Had the car 3 years ago recently got it back I'm going to be starting the restoration process of the car but pretty much leaving the interior as is, the car has sentimental value to me from my grandma and my brother, my brother recently died at 26, and I have memories with him and the car, so I want to make the outside of it cherry, I have rust and dents so it's gonna take me sometime get it how I want since I don't know a lot about body work, recently a lady turned left into oncoming traffic and smashed my front end a bit too so I guess she added more stuff to the list to fix. Anyways my dream with this car is to fix the dents tackle the rust before it gets worse than surface rust, upgrade the tired old,305 to possibly a 350 or 400sbc, not sure yet, and repaint it yellow because that's how my brother knew it, but I'm also considering painting it a gold color but I'm not sure yet, the yellow has sentimental value but I like gold much more quite the predicament haha anyways that's my plans for my 1984 el Camino
1984 Cheverolet El Camino (Yellow)



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