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El Camino
Multiple. Primer Gray, Black, Orange
SS Trim Package
May 1997

dad buys a El Co to flip that dosent have a engine, and is pretty crusty. Puts a stock 350 from a 73 chevelle and then plan to fix the rust and sell it.

However I ended being born in May of 98! So dad try selling it no luck and ends up handing on to it and decides to keep it for me....

Fixs all the rust.

After me getting my license in April before I turned 16, I started to develop a much deeper passion for cars. So I bugged my father that we should drag it out and work on it and in November we did just that. Beater (As I call it) was stitting in a open covered garage with birds craping on it and was covered by junk. We dug it out, got it running, moved it into a closed garage and set out to restore it.

Get pumper re-cromed, c$600 TY dad :)

Took off doors and striped them, took off fenders, dug out a 74 Chevelle Laguna front clip took it apart, the mounts for the rear bumper, the rad support, and other miscellaneous parts went off to sandblasting.

Took the guy a while to do the blasting, so in the mean time we took out the front glass and repair the rust damage we found. So after we got that list back from the blaster, dad took the fenders and doors to my auto body school I was doing for the semester and got them in primer. We took the metal pieces to be powered coated, rad support, 73 Laguna grill (to make the nose look like a 73), all the mounting hardware for the front clip and bumper, etc.

So now we start reassembling, I cleaned out the rust in the floor pans with a wire brush on a grinder, primed it, and dad put undercoat on it, throw on the rad support.

We put the Laguna nose back together and loosely mount to the car and that where we stand today.

To-do list to make it legal:

Replace front and rear glass

Put the doors and fenders on with hood

Mount rear bumper

Fix wiring

And tune engine.

Soon Beater will be back on the road...

140 Google+ pic gallery:

1973 El Camino Custom (Multiple. Primer Gray, Black, Orange)


Stock 350 small block
Bucket seats, planing on adding SS center console, change it to tack and gauges
74 Chevelle Laguna front clip with a blacked out 73 grill
Stock TH 350 auto, stock 2.73 non-posi diff.
Wheel and Tire
Stock 15" SS rally rims and white walled radials.



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