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Rust... used to be 2-tone blue
Bought it for 1050 buck (with the light bar). Dude I bought it from said he wiped a cam lobe and the engine caught on fire due to backfiring. Only thing to put it out with was mud, so he used that. When I went to look at it, he started it up to show me that it ran, and before i could stop him,he started the car with the carb full of dirt. Came with extra windows, trim pieces spare tires, and other stuff in the bed. Interior isnt too bad besides the homeless orgy smell in it.

First on the agenda is the motor... I have a 5.3 I can put in it, but that seems like it'll be a hassle. I also just bought an ATK 350hp/400tq motor for a different project that fell thru. That'll be going in sometime in July when it's nice and cool out.

After that I'll be looking into raising it about 3-5 inches for some larger all-terrain tires.

Finally, I'll be swapping out the TH350 for a manual transmission and changing the rear end gearing to compensate for the bigger tires.

7/3/18... How hard could it be to widen the front and rear track about 6" on each side and stretch it to about 220"?

All this with a budget of less than 1000 dollars. You guys are going to be busy helping me do this.
1983 Chevy Conquista (Rust... used to be 2-tone blue)


The Less than Stock drivetrain... probably some mud daubers by now.
The aforementioned homeless orgy smell.
Positive Weight Reduction System came with the car and is still in use. (rust). I think it used to be 2-Tone blue
Less than Stock
It bounces.
Wheel and Tire
Locking hub caps and dry rotted tires... anybody got a key for it?


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