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I credit this forum for sending me the nicest man and dream car. I was approached by a new member on one of my wanted ads looking for a Diablo...and along came Al. he messaged me asking if I would be interested in hes brothers car,whom had passed away sadly in the spring. It was his daily car for 20 years!He hadn't listed it yet locally for sale and was afraid Harry's car would fall inoto the wrong hands and get a unwanted makeover.Me being tied down with 2 cars..and a current 4 speed GMC whom was sucking me dry of my $$$,it was a easy decision to dump all my cars to get this old girl! I have not personally seen it yet,and I put all my trust into this great guy who has Harry safely stored for me in his garage until I can get it in the eraly spring.I also gained a new friend,
1982 GMC Diablo (Blue)


it got a new gm engine when the old engine got tired....
a bit faded from the sun but it has the fold down arm rest which I missed in my last car..has full gauge package...but im looking for a Delco am/fm cassette original or a new one that looks like original to put back in. will get new carpet and re upholster the seat next winter!
need I say more??? new paint in the last year...Harry's brother finished the lower paint and decal package..im glad he did! It got my attention! The canopy isn't really my thing....but it saved the truck box from years of rain...it has not been off the car in over 20years..until it got painted last year and got a spray on liner.Ill be tinting the big back window once the canopy comes off...
Automatic..got tired of the headache or the 4speed...manual...this is just easier..jump in and enjoy.
Wheel and Tire
Al got some decals made for the factory rims...Harry had old rusty hubcaps on it..theses were never on the car until recent...



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