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El Camino
Redush orange and silver
I bought this 70 base model El Camino in 2005 in a dark warehouse in Northwest Dallas from a liar, it was apparently Drag raced for awhile hence the garish paint ,it was painted ( poorly )in 1995 according to the paperwork I was given .
This poor El camino has very little left that's original chevy ,I have bought the best American made aftermarket parts that Summit sells when I could , My Stroker motor was was well built by my friend Mike Hiemer (out of Whitewright ,Texas )using as many forged parts as possible in case I wanted to put nitrous on it.
1970 Chevy El Camino (Redush orange and silver)


Cleaned the firewall
New wiring harness
Big ass radiator
Electric fan
Vintage air
Nothing is finished ,I still have lots to do this go around including a full MSD package and I want a better fuel line set up. If anyone has a good fuel line with pressure gauge set up that near 100%leak proof, please share.
Classic dash with Sport comp gauges ,
Vintage air
Scat seats ( a bit too narrow mind you)
A crap load of sound deadening foil( just get the cheap stuff ).
Installed prerequisite B&M shifter
Old drag race paint job from 1995
Most badging has been removed and some rust bubbles added .
I am putting a Black SS grille on it ,I hope it will look better than the red one with the beat up chrome.
This will never be a SS badged El Camino,it's just a cheap driver so I am leaving the paint and rust bubble repairs for a year or two down the road after my mechanicals are completed.
It has a well built 383 using all American made forged parts ,it has iron heads with big valves and roller/ rockers
Edelbrock this and that and an air / oil separator ( Chevies don't have to stink)
670 cfm carb
Comp XE cam
The transmission is a nondescript TH 350 that has had the usual upgrades .
It has a ten bolt rear end but I do have a twelve bolt to rebuild for it .
Awesome set of Stan's Headers
If it makes 380 hp I'm happy with it
When I took it to Mike and asked to have the body mounts replaced with poly ones that's all I expected to do ( a nice weekend project ) now five years later it's all been redone but the reared and the paint and body.

Global West upper and lower A arms,
Q-1a adjustable shocks
Hotchkiss everything else including their damn one inch lowering springs that were still way taller than stock .
Agr steering box
Wheel and Tire
Big fat 15" B.F. Goodrich tires on cheap Rallye rims as nature had intended. I might go back to some 15by 8inch Cragers.



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