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El Camino
350 Motor and trans
Would love to know more about the car but only traced it back through 5 Irish owners and one in the UK. Skid Parish was an owner in the UK and I believe he put the 350 motor in it.
1978 Chevrolet El Camino (Black)


The 350 motor could do with at least a gasket replacement on the oil pan but I'm not sure any PO looked after it. I'd like to replace it for a full roller crate engine in time.
Horrible modern bucket seats have been installed by a PO but I have great plans to replace these with a custom made bench that will be crafted from the rear seats of a Nissan Patrol.
Gauge cluster upgraded to full gauges.
Panasonic head unit with 1000w amp and base unit with side speakers.
Dash is fairly messed up and I would like to see if I can make a custom dash from MDF in the future and then have all interior components wrapped in leather. Oh the dreams...
Flame paint job that is crude and I don't like it.
Overriders removed from bumpers.
Tonnaux cover.
Headlights from a 70's Ford Capri.
Emblems from a Chevy truck added to from and rear with side skirt emblems sourced second hand.
TH350 had a full manual valve kit installed but I put a Transgo Stage 2 Kit in it. Much better. Tail unit bushings and seal also swapped for new. 10 bolt chevy diff with Auburn posi is on the list of items to rebuild.
All brake hard and soft lines have been replaced by me. Kunifer hard lines were custom made by me. Toughest job I have ever tackled given how rusted the old was to the car. New calipers fitted and new rotors and pads will soon go on the from too.
Wallow wallow wallow :-)
Will eventually fit air bags in the rear springs to allow motorbike transport in the rear.
Wheel and Tire
Turbine wheels of unknown origin have been installed with a mix of different sized bolts. BF Goodrich tyres give the car a great look.



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