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El Camino
Bronze, tan ,Gold? Burnt Orange
stock it was a 350, had every set of trim, spring shocks
Bought her for the generous price of 1000, the best deal I've ever encountered throughout my sixteen years of living(even with a possible engine leak, its just the valve cover gaskets I hope! some straight through, body/chassis rust some on the engine it self which is covered by grease, dies on acceleration for some reason hopefully its just the carb needing adjustments, fuel line leak along with steering fluid or oil or coolant leak or some fluid leak under the engine bay, heavy under the oil pan, some unreliable gauges and finally some dents but those are the only problems I see in her and also it has a great dual exhaust system with no cats, unfortunately I'm gonna have to deafen its glorious sound with some high flow cats or something just scared of being fined, but those little blemishes were all informed by the previous owner before purchase and all are no problem with time and money, nice and honest deal and dealer!) , if the previous owner ever sees this I just want to say thank you again still very grateful for the whole first car purchase experience and the money you saved me along with everyone involved and sorry for the modifications you wouldn't approve of, I would love to keep it original but got to make it feel like my own that's just something I take pride in . but in the future I'd be going for a load of classic and a touch of modern characteristics, a nice and smooth, with a clean outstanding exterior/interior appeal along with some personalization, a roll pan and air dam or just install the nicer chrome bumper I bought her with but I'll need new mounts due to corrosion. A tough well fitted and reliable frame, motor, drive train, brake/cooling/fuel/suspension system etc. For a performance goal I'd be happy with 350 Ponies concealed in the 350(not original from a 73 Monte Carlo the previous owner told me, also just wanted to add some great surprises the previous owner or owners put in- 73 Monte Carlo V8 350 cu engine- nice looking air filter cap/ cover-2bbl carb-th350 transmission-original power windows-aftermarket alpine cd player Alpine CDE-9874r I think, not sure will check later probably not gonna fix this post though-4x pioneer speakers TS-G1042R same deal with the radio- sweet sweet cherry bombs really underestimated them before i heard them in person!-stock differential and is a 3 speed automatic column shifting transmision- interstate battery- new starter/waterpump/powersteering pump some gaskets- and a pair of nice unpolished discontinued Eagle alloy 203 16in wheels.) but back to the story or post or whatever you want to call it. In the end I'd be going for 350 hp in the 350 I have or pickup a decent 454 from an older Chevelle or camino if i can find one, stt a rebuild put in a durable crank shaft a nice sounding camshaft, some light durable well crafted pistons that can produce a good compresion ratio, durable well crafted engine heads and easy flowing valves that can produces a smooth exaust outlet, but thats not until I gain proper mechanical/engine/transmision/suspension/chassis/ cooling engineering knowledge hopefully I'll be able to gain it will pursing education in mechanical engineering after highschool and a career after colledge( any ideas or tips given by anyone with experience is well appriciated) In the end I just look forward buying top notch parts trying to keep her running for a good amount of years, but for now I've got to work with the tape and glue I can afford (not litterally like body filler, cheap stuff random stuff one can find in garage haha) Well Thanks for reading and bearing with the post haha also please don't rate yet I'd say shhe isn't running in her glory days right now haha

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1978 Chevy El Camino (Bronze, tan ,Gold? Burnt Orange)


nothing the previous owner hasn't done so far listed in the history
Competely stript excempt for part of thh venting system steering column and metal parts welded to the body haha, making the floor pans tougher and quieter, making the plastics andd fabrics, well look better, and some other stuff. getting rid of the smell of gas rust sand cigarettes haha
ss spoiler
removed some the trim
1981 grille with modification it fits alright
and many more later
None yet with a little more knowledge and experience I'll get cranking on it, but modifications will be done
planning on getting some air bags, just lookung for something adjustable
Wheel and Tire
16" Eagle alloys 203s on firestones



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