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El Camino Classic
Dark carmine Ird. w/ white racing stripes
I just purchased it out of northeast NC 1-1/2 months. As is the case with so many ad's it turned out to be not quite as advertised!!!! Ad said 20,917 original "certified" miles, and a completely rust free 1 owner car!!!! WOW great let's go!!! Well not quite, try 120,000 miles, 3rd owner(by the title), and rusty floors (right pass side and both sides in the compartment) OH well ,basically is a decent solid car, frame is good and doesn't seem to have had any other body repair's just a repaint (original color) 6-7 years ago. Good project.
1978 Chevy El Camino Classic (Dark carmine Ird. w/ white racing stripes)


Needs some work a # of broken trim pcs, one of the owners changed the front part of the interior's color (I'm repainting the trim) back to the original factory color (by the tag under the hood is Dark Camel Tan (code 62V) can't find that color listed in any of the parts books as a color they have?????
All stock except the white stripes, will have to go someday.I am learning about some of the problem's El Camino's have ie: the leaks!! The rear window seems to be ok!! But my problem area seems to be the seam between the bed floor and th compartment wall. fortunately it seems to be the factory caulk is bad and I'll have to completely remove it and then recaulk it!!
All stock 305w/2barreland 3 speed trans(oh yea they said when i spoke with them ) it was a 4speed overdrive one!!???
All stock except I already put in a set of the station wagon springs to fix the saggy rear
Wheel and Tire
Has a set of some chrome wheels , which I will be replacing with factory ralley wheels.



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