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Showcase cover image for Molly Brown - because she is a survivor!! :)

General Information

El Camino Conquista
2-Tone: Dark Brown Metallic (color 62) / Metallic
D91 Conquista package - custom ordered without center console between the buckets, and with THM 250C transmission (4 speed overdrive)
"Born" in Arlington, TX assembly plant.

I purchased from second owner in Green Cove Springs, FL. Was used on a ranch primarily, and had less than 18,000 miles on it when I acquired it in January, 2014.

being a ranch truck, he made a homemade wooden bed liner of 3/4" thick wood, he screwed down to the floor. I was thrilled to find that after the old cracking wood was removed, the bed was rust and hole free (except for the 4 small screw holes for the wood). There was lots of dirt and debris and some muddy gunk in it, and these pics were right after removing the wood, and before I washed it all out.

A lot of rubber parts were/are dried out and cracking, because of the sun on that ranch, and I will be replacing window felts and rubber seals. Have already replaced valve seals, and have new OEM rubber bumper strip for the rear, and hopefully can get it repainted in 2016.

All trim, stereo, wheels almost all the interior is original. Bucket seats, carpet, etc., is original and is in good condition.

I even have the original tonneau cover! :)

Had to replace the alternator, and next (this March/April of 2015) I will be replacing all the vacuum lines and rubber hoses, as that sun cracking took its toll and some of my vacuum-operated things like cruise control are not working (fuses all replaced too). Light bulbs are all original 30 yo lights except headlights (one went out so I did them all just in case), all dash gauges, clock AM/FM/Cassette Stereo works.
1984 Chevrolet El Camino Conquista (2-Tone: Dark Brown Metallic (color 62) / Metallic )


The engine compartment was mostly original with no major modifications. The original low-miles 305 is there and in these pics I had started cleaning off the dust, etc, just a bit. You can see some of the differences.
Driver's Side paint looks pretty good. Passenger side, tailgate and some of the hood is losing the clearcoat over the paint. Guess it must have been parked under a tree or something.

This is how the car looked when I acquired it.
Wheel and Tire
First photo is of wheels when I first got Molly. 'Star' caps are inside the vehicle. Dirty, but all original.



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