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SS El Camino
SS package
I had bought this car just down the street from where I live. The lady was selling the cars for her uncle. She had 6 or 7, all El Caminos, the one I purchased was the only 4th generation. The rest were newer. It started but needed the torque converter replaced. The title was a disaster, the last owner signed the back were the dealer does. The original owner that signed is probably deceased. I am currently bonding the title so I can get the D.M.V. to issue me a new one. We will see how that goes.
1977 Chevey SS El Camino (Red)


The car has the 350 with 4 barrel carburetor. Plan to put a 650cc Edelbrock crab and aluminum intake. Maybe some high performance cam and heads also.
Interior was a mess It had rotten carpet and a banged up bench seat that was not original to the car. It all has been removed and waiting for a new floor patch. The gauge cluster has that odd economy style tachometer.
I was never a fan of the front ends used with the '76 and '77. I had always had my eyes out for a Laguna S-3 front, I had looked for over a year. My son wanted to help, then got on Facebook and found one in a hour, $375. I did not waste time and I bought it. Now I will have the look I want. Still scratching my head on the rear bumper, looks like a ledge hanging off the rear. Would like to see if I could make a '72 Chevelle bumper work.
I am hoping to have this project done by next July 2016.
Stock 350 turbo trans.
Stock for right now. I grew up in the 80's so instead of lowering like they do these days, I like the rear in the air. I am looking to raise the rear about 3 inches.
Wheel and Tire
Plan to but 15" raised letters with Aluminum Mag wheels, again something I grew up with from the 80's.



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