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Royal Knight SS - Z16 Package
My dad purchased it from the previous owner for $400 and I got it from him as I was getting my drivers license. It is a daily driver and has been repainted to the original color and original Royal Knight blue decal set. It also has had the transmission rebuilt and engine upgraded to a 350 from the original 305. I have documentation from when me and dad went to get it from the previous owner to the present date and I have the build sheet as well. I have turned down $15,000 for it for the reason that I love that old ride too much and it is the ONLY Knight in town! Now the pictures that are shown are the befores.
1979 Chevy El Camino (White)


Under the hood you will find the 350 engine but I do plan on rebuilding the 305 that it came with. I want to keep it numbers matching and with the 305 back in it I can show folks that its what it came with.
It has had the seats replaced from the original one from one of the previous owners. But as for me I did make a wooden center console to at least have cup holders. The speedometer does not work and hasnt worked for years (still broken). The floor pan is rotting abit as it is one of the common spots that rot out.
All original exterior except the rear driver quarter panel and both front fenders. The rear quarter panel had a big rust hole at the marker light, and the Passenger fender had a big dent that needed to be replaced. Dad wanted to replace the drivers side fender so we did. It has been repainted to the same Chevy color code 11 (Antique White) and put a new set of the Z16 decals in blue (Knight Package). I did add a CB radio to it and the antenna is bolted to the rear passenger side part of the bumper.
The drive train is a 350 engine paired with a 200 metric transmission. For the rear end it has the original gear ratio, that I know of thus far. I plan on rebuilding the 305 that came out of it and have it upgraded abit.
For the suspension, I did replace the original air up shocks to some hauling coil overs but I don't remember the brand.
Wheel and Tire
The wheels are the original P205/70R14 Rally wheels that came with it but I am looking for a set of 15s or 16s for it, as the 14s are getting rare to find. I will keep the 14s for later to keep value up.



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