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El Camino Classic
basic 350 and metric tranni
I was going through a junkyard with my dad looking for a radio for his car when i litterally stumbled upon this shot to hell el camino. I had always wated one so i instantly turned to my dad and said omg im buying that car. The owner of the junkyard is a personnal friend of ours so he held onto it for me until i got the 1000 bucks for it and drove it home. Mind you there were no brakes so i had to shift into neutral at stop signs. LOL! Slowly but surely ive been putting it back together and hope to finish with an excelent tow vechile equipped with 4 wheel drive, positraction front and rear, a roll bar, pushbar, winch, power sun roof, a killer sound system, and an upgrade to a powerglide tranni.
1976 Chevy El Camino Classic (Orange/White)


The only really cool point to make is i have my grandpas original horn off a 1931 ford model A wired to the battery with a push button on the dash, so i have the standard horn plus an ooohhh gah horn.
The interior was actually pretty good, all the original coloring was still there. Well being the genious i am i didnt care for the color of the floor so i spray painted it black. I ran blue led lights around the entire dash and got a 3 way splitter for my ipod and more lights.
The body is rusted and is orange and white, it just looks ugly to me. I hope to get it painted gloss black with metalis blue flames and redo the chrome.
Just a chevy 350, the backbone of racing, a crappy metric tranni.
Stock pretty clean
Wheel and Tire
Get this...Original Rims and Dress Cap thingys. I hear their worth a good chunk of change, their like new.


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