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El Camino
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Only known history of Suzie is that the previous owner started to restore her. Was able to get workup accomplished greately on the Engine however he ended up selling her for his cancer treatment. By chance I saw her sitting in a local dealers shop and decided to move forward with my life long dream of owning and fixing up my own El Camino.
1972 Chevrolet El Camino (Yellow w/ Black Stripe)


With a V8 350 5.0 L engine suzie has been cleaned up well. Asside from a few minor beautification touchups such as cleaning the crome replacing the air filter, changing the alternator and some internal wiring there isn't much I need to do.
Although the previous owner focused and accomplished an amazing restore on the engine, the interior was not worked on at all. There is an obvious leaking that needs to be fixed from poor sealing on the winshield, and the upolstry need to be changed out. Age has taken its tole. Most if not all the electronics in the dash will have to be replaced or repaired, but all and all she will be fixed over time.

The A/C ventilation was removed, so I will have to replace if I want A/C. The in dash unit will need some minor repairs, but it is in good working condition.

The stereo was an addition that was not standard and didn't work, so I intend to replace with a new age moden within a custom dash design, or go with a retro look stero which would be $$$.

The guy installed some Gauges, however poor wiring of the AMMETER caused sparking so I removed that until I can replace the wiring, however the temperature and oil pressure looked fine. I plan on fixing up a few of the retro gagues I have in the dash, and adding a few others.
From what I can gather the exterior doesn't need any major modification or has had any major modification to it. Most of this El Camino is original parts (externally and internally). However my goal with her is to touch up her paint job replace the lost grill logo and rear logos, and touch up the external lighting.
Going to look into it to get more details, but from my understaning it's the standard 3 speed automatic...
Suspension is practically shot. Now I'm not saying it the car will fall apart because of the suspension, however the shocks are rusted over, and most of the conection are rusted as well, so as a safty reason, and to make it look better more than likely I will be changing parts out and upgrading the shocks.
Wheel and Tire
Wheels and Tires are good, may need to replace tires since they are almost balding but no really significat issues.



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