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El Camino
Vehicle was built in Los Angeles/ Van Nuys, California (custom V8) and from what I understand of its history it was purchased new/imported to Victoria, BC. Then in 2008 an Auto Wrecker bought it and drove it to Kelowna, BC. It was parked in the far corner of the wrecker's lot, surrounded by a graveyard of other cars, parts, demolition equipment and dozens of bird cages with chickens, quails, pheasants ... and a junk yard dog. I noticed the ad in March 2015, and "held my breath" for the next 4 months waiting for a settlement, and the priority purchase of a vehicle for my wife. In June 2015 the settlement gave us some financial breathing room. We bought a newer car for my wife on June 30/15, and I checked "Tardis" out on the way home. Went back with my mechanic / restoration/ autobody guy on July 2/15 and he gave me the thumbs up re quality of metal / engine. The wrecker then moved obstacles out of the way, hooked up a used battery, added a half litre of gas, and it STARTED RIGHT UP (wow)! He drove it in reverse, meandering around all the obstacles, it was loaded on a trailer, and we took it home. It was driven (as a pre-restoration entry) to a "Cruise In" car show on July 24 - it got a lot of attention. The orange colour appeals to me (and my mom's Dutch heritage) and the 1964 was a no-brainer for me, being the year I was born. This will be a fun project, and I've enlisted some good help. There is little that I can do directly due to my physical disability, and my limited knowledge of mechanics and restorations.
1964 Chevrolet El Camino (orange)


305 Chevy Small Block, automatic (lots of power) - considering changing to a 350, or era specific 327 cid

edelbrock parts
original dash and display
AM radio only
orange - original paint, needs some surface repairs and a fresh paint job
Wheel and Tire



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