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El Camino Conquista
White (repainted from 2-tone), Lite Blue Interior
I'll post a pic or two someday of the El Camino if I ever think to take a pic or two of it. In the meantime, I have uploaded a pic of my daily driver, an '81 Nissan 280 ZX Turbo which I call LOR (Lapse Of Reason), and another Chevy I once owned. I wish I still did...'73 Monte Carlo with a factory 454. I have owned the El Camino for about 17 years. It was my primary driver for a while early on, but is normally used as the "2nd" car these days. It isn't as fun to drive as my Z, but it remains reliable (hey! it's a Chevy!). I use it when I need to carry a load or when the Z is acting up, as it often does. My EC is not a beater...from the outside it looks pretty good and straight. There are some issues under the hood, like C/C & A/C that once worked but no longer do, and some interior cosmetic issues, such as lower door panels, dirty carpet, and a floor pan that needs replacement. I recently had the 4bbl Rochester spreadbore Quadrajet rebuilt to deliver fuel more effectively to my little 305 V-8, replaced the headliner, the turn signal lever, power brake booster, and door/window weatherstripping. There are not a lot of after-market modifications to it. The wheels and the radio are about the only things not stock on it (the radio bothers me more than the wheels - I'm a Stock Snob). It's a California car, built at the Fresno plant, and it's still at home here in The Golden State.
1979 Chev El Camino Conquista (White (repainted from 2-tone), Lite Blue Interior)



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