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El Camino
SS (I think)
I bought this with a bent frame, lots of hacks, some rust and a missing RPO tag. It was also missing an engine and tranny. I put the body on a straight '74 frame, and spent $$$$ fixing the body.
1973 Chevrolet El Camino (Red)


GM 383 with 10.5:1, 6" forged H-beam rods, Edelbrock aluminum heads, TPI (Edelbrock baseplate and runners, GM plenum), Vintage Air Front-Runner system and LS1 computer (coil-per plug and drive-by-wire). Intake system was port-matched, and airflow through the baseplate was smoothed considerably. The heads have Beehive springs and 1:1.6 full roller rockers. The cam is a Lunati Voodoo hydraulic roller cam with 211/219 duration and .507/.515 lift (.540/549 with my rockers). Doug's tri-Y headers, a high-volume oil pump and Canton road-race oil pan finish off the engine.
Mostly stock, with aftermarket seats, and a stock-ish console. Also, changed the ammeter to a voltmeter and added an AirLift controller. Rear panel has been carpetted.

The wiring had to be significantly modified to handle the LS1 computer. I tried to post an image of it, but the site downsampled it to the point where it is unreadable :(
Paint, drop front and rear, and change wheels and tires.
4L80E with custom driveshaft, Spicer 1350 U-Joints, stock-ish rear (10-bolt 3.08:1 posi) and 12" rotors with drum-in-hat parking brakes from a C6 'vette.
Front - Bell Tech 2100 2" drop spindles, SPC adjustable upper A-arms, TRW 18763 idler arm (improved steering geometry), Global West S-14 front springs with 3/4" spacer, VariShock VAS 14245-425 and a Herb Adams 1-1/3" sway bar.

Rear - Moog Cargo Coil 627 (for a G-body), Airlift 1000 spring assist airbags, VariShock VAS 14269-715, adjustable upper arms and a Herb Adams 1-1/2" sway bar.

The brakes are from a C6 'vette, via kore3.com. The kits used were the "GM tall-spindle, ø355mm hybrid" (normal C6 calipers with Z06 rotors) and "GM 10/12-bolt, ø305mm C5/C6, parking brake". All rotors are slotted DBA 4000 Kangaroo Paw.
Wheel and Tire
C6 'vette wheels with 255/40-18 and 285/35-19 Continental ExtremeContact DWS tires. There's a 2" spacer/adapter in the front and a 2.5" spacer/adapter in the back. All spacer/adapters are hub-centric. All lug nuts are tightened to 100 ft-lb.



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