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Mustang Convertible Anniversary Addition
This was literally a wild ride when making this purchase! We bought if from Ebay Motors by winning the auction bid online! Never made a purchase this large for a car sight unseen. Hubby took a train to Fla.Picked up car from the used car Dealer lot and drove it back home. They had the car so shiny & jacked up he said people were blowing their horns & giving him thumbs up in passing & everywhere he stopped! Dealer said it use to be a rent a car & due to the high miles they were selling it. The car had been Lowered to the ground and all the windows were super dark black Limo tint.(which at the times was Illegal in SC). I remember when First driving it every time I saw a cop I rolled the windows down afraid I was gonna get a ticket!
1999 Ford Mustang Convertible Anniversary Addition (Black)


After having the car about 10 years,it started looking rough so I gave it a face lift. Got a New Front bumper, (cause hubby wrecked the other due to getting to close to curbs & side walks. Then a dog ran into it) aarrgg! Brand new paint job & all the dings taken out. New Back glass window in the top. I re-dyed the top black again. New taller tires so I wouldn't bring road kill back home anymore!



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