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Default 305 timing at 40+ degrees

I have an 80 Elco with the 305, entire ignition system is new except plug wires. recently had it retimed as I originally had a broken timing light and had to do it by ear. when initially checking it the timing light showed just over 40 deg when dropped back down to 12 the idle had to be increased. when driving after it warmed up the vehicle was a total dog, would not pick up very well at all, and even when easing into the throttle once you went wide open it would run really rought and die. also when letting off the gas to coast it would backfire severely, and even dieseled for about a min after shutting it down and had 2 big bacfires out of the back and some popping out of the carb too. also I have shorty headers on the vheicle and both collectors where glowing after driving for a few min on the highway. When driving on the streets I had to ease into the throttle to keep it from poping and backfiring. When I got it back home I moved the timing back to roughly where it was set previously around that 35-40 deg mark and it runs like a champ again.
I am wondering if maybe someone has put a cam in this car and not degreed it properly or is there another explanation for this that anyone else has run into. normally I would say the car should barely run at 40 deg timing...
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