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@rushgator and all others,

sorry for not giving a feedback on my rebuild. And my English writing.

First of all the braking is "einfach nur geil".

You really have to look at your mirror that the car behind you is not to near before you step on the paddle because never ever they are expecting that an old car can stop on a very short distance.

I am more than happy that I did spend the money for this rebuild.

So where did buy the system and why?

First I did look on the internet and yes you can get the unit on e-bay and from some
tuning shops.
But it is not only the unit you need hoses, fittings and some other parts.

Because I had to get the system over to Germany so I was looking for a complete set
and here "Old Bear" did mention the company "hydratechbraking".

So I did visit their website and did call them they were very helpful did answers all my questions even the stupid ones.

So I did sleep on night and the next day I did order the system from hydratechbraking.
1964 - 1972 General Motors 'A' Body Hydraulic Brake Assist Unit - Model # 3014

Some weeks later I did get a nice black box.

Did open it and was very pleased how nice the parts were packed.

Then I did start with the installation and what should I say it was going just fine.
The instructions are very good and will guide you through the installation.
And if something is not clear believe it or not you can call them even after you did buy the system and they will help you out.

It might by that you will not need the help because you can ask other people in you area and the chances to get the right answers will be much higher than here were I am in Germany were every shop tells you yes we can fix it and then you pay a lot money and when you have your car back it is sometimes even worse.

I would say spend some more money and get a rebuild kit which is really plug and play.

And not were you have to walk on a Sunday to AutoZone because some fittings are missing.

Will see to get some pictures made on the weekend.
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