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1959 elcamino

  1. 1959 800 bucks need gone ASAP

    Cars for sale
    Front end parts included but not attached, they came off a 59 belair. text 229-eight34-419five
  2. 1959 Stock original restoration Info needed

    Suspension & Steering
    I am restoring a '59 El Camano and have questions about equpment. My info comes from a Oct 1, 1958 Chevrolet publication. 1. Was there other publications dated after 10-58. 2. Were both A/C systems ( in-dash and under-dash) listed in the Chevy Car brosure available? 3. Was up-graded interior...
  3. Rear lights not working on my "59 Elcamino"

    Electrical Systems
    All my lights and turn signals work great. But, when the headlights are on, the front and rear left turn signals don't blink. Also with headlights on, rear left center light dims out when I press the brake. If you can help, please respond....