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  1. General BS Topics
    So i found a really old internet ad where someone was selling a 59, by the next week i had it delievered. great experience with the seller, wonderful guy. Even cooler was the man who delivered it, he was turkish but russian born, (runs a tow service out of pennsylvania) HERES A VIDEO, HOPE YOU...
  2. General BS Topics
    Anyone know about 59 Elkie wiper motors? mine doesn't work,I herd this was common for the year....is it just a switch or does the whole core have to be rebuilt,and what other wiper motors fit in it? some thoughts and ideas would help me get my baby passing her inspection...:nanawrench: thanks
  3. Wanted Items
    Ok I know this is a long shot, but im looking for that black switch that's says FAN on it for my heater controls....its missing!!!...Have the DEF,HEAT switches....anyone have this silly part that could part with it..me and my car would appreciate it!:beer:
  4. Region 18 (CA)
    Many have been asking how many of the first generation El Caminos are still registered and on the road. We have a fair number that are members of this association. If you are a 1959 owner or a 1960 owner weigh in. That way we can put a number to the rarest El Caminos of them all. 1 for 1959 2...
  5. General BS Topics
    I've been searching the web for even a rough guess at how many 1959 El Caminos are still out there of the original 22,000 that were made. Anyone have any inkling of an idea? Just curious... Thanks, LeX
1-5 of 7 Results