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  1. power steering on a 1965 model

    Suspension & Steering
    hi, i would like to ad power steering on my 1965 el camino (the engine is a 305 from 1978). what parts do i need and where can i buy them? is it a problem that the car is lowered?
  2. Neebie needs help to I.D. '65 El Camino parts.

    For New Forum Members Only
    Newb here. I joined today, because this seems to be the best place to get help, identifying parts that I have, and want to sell. Background- In 2002, I inherited a 1965 El Camino, that dad owned, and had started doing a resto-mod on it. Nothing spectacular. He simply wanted a dolled-up El...
  3. 1965 Tailgate Inner Panel

    Body Restoration
    Where can I find a tailgate inner panel for a 1965? I found one for the 1967 in the El Camino Store. Can that one be modified to work? Thanks, Chad
  4. '65 doors, cowl grill, & wheel wells

    Body Restoration
    Have some 65 Malibu doors complete with glass and handles. Driver side is banged up on the exterior but everything else is still good. The cowl grill is in great shape. The wheel wells just need an acid dip. Selling or trading all. Hurst quarter stick shifter for TH350. PM me for details. Stay...
  5. 65 El Camino - HULKAMINO

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hi guys, HULKAMINO here. I have a 1965 El Camino I found in Brownsfield, Tx over a year ago. El Caminos have been my dream car since I was 10 years old and saw my friend's dad's 1971 El Camino with a roaring 454 and white racing stripes. My little lady was an abused drag racing car with a...
  6. '65 "T" Hood Emblem

    Body Restoration
    Looking for the "T" for 1965 hood emblem. Hope someone has replaced their's with new and kept old one
  7. 65 1 speed to 2 speed wiper?

    Region 14 (AR,LA,MS)
    Does anyone know if all I need to convert to 2-speed wipers is, 2-speed motor, 2-speed switch and wiper wiring harness for 2-speed? Is this all I need or is there more? I'd hate to purchase and install and still not have 2-speed. All help and any suggestions are appreciated.
  8. 65 duct work

    Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    in my El Camino, on the inside of the firewall, the box that is the main duct system that has most of the cables hooked to it, is very cracked and brittle, does anyone know either somewhere to get another or how to fix this? im clueless:dontknow: also, i checked out opgi and el camino store but...
  9. 1965 el camino blower switch

    Electrical Systems
    Does anyone know where the blower switch for a 1965 is supposed to be located or whether it should be incorperated with the other controls for the a/c and heater? thanks guys