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1967 el camino

  1. Fuel Gauge Wiring

    Electrical Systems
    So the wiring in my 67 was totally butchered when I got the car and I have been trying to get my fuel gauge to work for the past couple of days. I did read that there are only supposed to be two wires that go to the fuel gauge which are the sending unit wire and a wire that leads to the ignition...
  2. It took a week in the shop . . .

    Transmission & Drive line
    So I had my el Camino in the shop to get a new clutch and fix the bad linkage. They told me and my dad that they were surprised that we were even driving it. I guess the clutch was super worn and the fork was so cracked and bent that it shouldn't even have been drivable. Before when I drove it...
  3. What parts do I need for my car

    Transmission & Drive line
    So my 67 el camino is in the transmission shop and the technician said that I am going to need new linkage and a new clutch. The clutch i can get fine because my dad and brother work at pdq which is a transmission parts warehouse kind of thing but the linkage I am having no look finding. I need...
  4. Tailgate emblem

    Body Restoration
    Replacing the bowtie emblem on my 67s tailgate and am wondering if from the factory was it installed with the red on the top and white below or reversed. On pictures of restored elks I have seen it both ways. Thanks in advance for any help.