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  1. 67 El Camino, small block 327, cranks but no start

    Engine Topics
    I have a 1967 El Camino that i just finished rewiring, and the car cranks but won't start. well I guess that's not true, it did start for about 20 seconds one time, but then it sputtered out, which makes me think that there's no problem with the timing or spark. Additionally, the car was...
  2. 1967 rear bed access panel doors

    Wanted Items
    Hi I am looking for the access panel covers behind the wheel wells on the inside of the bed for a 1967 custom el camino. Does anyone know where I can find or a part number. Any help is much appreciated.
  3. Seat belt help.

    Interior Restoration
    I need to install some three point belts into my 1967, and I'm a bit confused as to my options. It's a 1967 with a "70s bench seat" according to the original seller. I took some photos tonight of how the lap belts are mounted now. Both ends are mounted at the transmission tunnel here. The...