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  1. Electrical Systems
    Hey, I am new to the automotive world. I bought a 68’ El Camino and it was starting and driving fine. I pulled the motor out during my frame over restoration and now I have the engine in and all the wiring back in. I took lots of pictures and videos of the wiring before I took the car apart so I...
  2. General BS Topics
    Hello all: I'm a classic muscle car enthusiast; starting with a nice 64 Nova back in 1975. I've owned several classic Oldsmobiles over the years,and currently own a 1968 Olds Toronado W-34. (W34 being the only high perf option for Toronado's in 1968 that included a 455ci V8, 400hp @550ft lbs...
1-2 of 2 Results