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  1. General BS Topics
    just getting a feeler out there but i was curious as to how much my show car is roughly worth. It was given to me by my dad for my 16th birthday and i cant afford to run it anymore. id like to know how much its worth so i can sell it, here is the information about the car that i was given to by...
  2. Interior Restoration
    Hey sorry to bother you guys but I thought I would give you guys a try, I have a 1968 dash ash tray I am trying to sell. It came from a 1968 Chevelle and I was told it would work on the El Camino as well. Its in good condition and the metal was glass beaded. I am just trying to get what I paid...
  3. Body Restoration
    Does anyone have thoughts on how to repair this? The cowl area itself looks fine with the exception of where the water used to stand at the bottom of the windshield rest area. Also, i see there are patch panels for 67s. I'm just wondering if theres an easier way to fix this area without totally...
  4. Cars for sale
    1968 El Camino ‘80’s 350 with 16,000 miles, 2 speed rebuilt Power Glide transmission. Brand new custom Cragar Quick Trick 15x8 wheels and BF Goodrich T/A Radials, Edelbrock Carburetor, recent tune-up: new plugs, wires, cap/rotor, new aircleaner, new battery, new fuel pump, new car alarm, new...
  5. Engine Topics
    My 68 wont pass NV smog.. At low idle it's fine, at high idle CO2 is over 11.0 and should be under 4? They are telling me to replace my carburetor, but the car runs fine..? What to do, what to do...ecchhh...:dontknow:
  6. General BS Topics
    I ordered some 15x8 Cragar Quick Tricks for my 68, and I'm told a few different things about them- like the offset should be 0-20 and the Cragar 15x8's aren't in that range? Anyways, Discount tire says they will fit & has ordered them for me..they say they are being custom made (takes 2...
  7. Region 18 (CA)
    Hello I have a 68' elco and i need to find a good mechanic around my area 90001 zip. My elco keeps turning off while I'm driving I got new alternator and new battery but nothing. If anyone has any ideas please share. Thanx
  8. Other Events Discussed
    Anyone near Utah should head up for the Keep On Rollin' Car and Bike show. It is going to be held in the parking lot of one of Utah's "Best Snow on Earth" Ski Resorts- Brighton Ski Resort. I don't think it is very formal, and I doubt there will be trophys given, but what an awsome place to show...
1-8 of 11 Results