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  1. Body Restoration
    Hey All, I recently purchased steel inner fenders to replace the cracked plastic ones that were there when I bought my 1971 El Camino. As I was installing them I came across a question. I have J-clips on the metal outer fender (exterior body color) and holes in the inner fender for bolts. Where...
  2. General BS Topics
    So even though im in the middle of a slow restoration process for my 71 elky, the guy I bought the 71 from has a ton of old dodge chargers, plymouth roadrunners etc. I became obsessed with the idea of buying his 70 roadrunner, but he wanted upwards of 9000 for it, I started eyeballing his...
  3. Body Restoration
    Been sanding on this rust bucket for a couple days here and there with a air compressor and air sander, found alot of old spots (some really major down low)of bondo,taken all chrome off and everything else i could get off, I've also recently removed the dash.....ill need to get the gas tank off...
  4. Body Restoration
    So I know where I can over pay for the lift access panel and the bed panel, eventually I'll know whats underneath all of this rusted mess so I can determine what do do about supports etc. , but for now might any of you have any suggestions for the smugglers area?:neutral: GOT A TON MORE...
  5. General BS Topics
    So......I got the 85 cabby, and the 81 elky. Now its time for a 71 to join them, gonna go pick it up tomorrow for 1500 bucks. these pictures were taken years ago when I didn't have the 2 grand the guy wanted. ummm.......I dunno, might have the engine rebuilt blah blah blah , might end up trying...
  6. Brake Systems
    Hey yall my driver side front drum snapped its anchor pin above the wheel cylinder the pin that holds all the springs....yah thatwell no matter where I'm searching I can't find one can anyone help please Cami is my daily to and from work
  7. Electrical Systems
    I'm restoring a 1971 Chevy el camino and the headlights are really dim for the roads i drive does anyone know of any headlights that will be brighter and mount right up without cutting anything off the original front end or changing a wiring system hardcore?
1-7 of 7 Results