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  1. Trying to lift my 72 a few inches

    Suspension & Steering
    So, I'm looking to get a 2"-3" lift on my 72 base El Camino. Nothing crazy, just trying to clear some good A/T tires to give it a bit of a rally look. I'm hoping to either do taller springs or spring spacers, but I'm having a hell of a time finding what in looking for. Hoping to get some answers...

    General BS Topics
    Hi guys i’m kinda new to this and el caminos in general. I’ve found a 72 that claims to be an ss and is asking 10k. From stuff i’ve read here and other places online it looks to me as if it’s a clone but like i said i’m not an expert at all and don’t know what to look for. Says it’s a 350 motor...
  3. Replacing a 72 bench seat with a 73

    Interior Restoration
    I just bought a 72 Elky which has a ripped up bench seat. I found a local junkyard with a 1973 El Camino. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the 73 bench seat will fit in the 72. Thanks!
  4. Camshaft Issue???

    Engine Topics
    I have a 72 EC with the 402 BB. It has 65K miles on it. I have not been able to get this thing to idle smoothly since I bought it last September. I can see in the receipts from the previous owner that he had the pushrods and rocker arms replaced a few thousand miles ago. Has headers, and the...
  5. 72 SS El Camino bench seatbelts

    Interior Restoration
    I have an early 72 SS El Camino bench seat with a partial seatbelt set. There are long shoulder belts with tongues mounted on the sail pannels; Retractors with tongues at each door; black plastic buckles mounted on the tunnel. There is no way to interconnect the shoulder belts, and I am not sure...
  6. 1972 Body by Fisher Plate Decoding?

    RPO Codes
    Hey Guys, From the fresh new red paint on the camino, I was able to find the body plate for her. (It was black before and I couldnt read it...) I was hoping someone could decode it for me...I tried to google how to do it, but could only find it for camaros and chevelles. Or if you could...
  7. Need a seat!!

    Interior Restoration
    Hey everyone! My '72 is equipped with a bench seat. I've already taken it out once and noticed that it has no mechanism to make the back-part lean forward. My guess is that at one time the original seat was taken out and replaced with one out of a 4-door Malibu or something similar. Anyways...
  8. Door Handle Problems on my '72

    Body Restoration
    Hey everyone! The problem I am having with my passenger side exterior door handle is that I have to push the button completely in while slightly pushing and pulling on the door for it to open. The interior handle works perfect and I don't know what is going on with the outer.:dontknow: I hope...
  9. Recomending websites for parts?

    General BS Topics
    hey guys..im new to this posting/replying system on here so im not exactly sure if im in the right place to post or not haha. But what i am looking for is a website that has a big inventory but still cheaper prices. year one, the elcamino store do have quite a few things, but the prices are...