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  1. Old Owner, New Member, New Car

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hello All, I have owned a few El Caminos in the past but just happened upon my Dream Car and have re entered the fold! Glad to be here and look forward to reading the discussions and hopefully meeting members out and about. Currently in Alaska and moving south at the end of the month. Where...

    General BS Topics
    Hi guys i’m kinda new to this and el caminos in general. I’ve found a 72 that claims to be an ss and is asking 10k. From stuff i’ve read here and other places online it looks to me as if it’s a clone but like i said i’m not an expert at all and don’t know what to look for. Says it’s a 350 motor...
  3. Replacing a 72 bench seat with a 73

    Interior Restoration
    I just bought a 72 Elky which has a ripped up bench seat. I found a local junkyard with a 1973 El Camino. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the 73 bench seat will fit in the 72. Thanks!
  4. Camshaft Issue???

    Engine Topics
    I have a 72 EC with the 402 BB. It has 65K miles on it. I have not been able to get this thing to idle smoothly since I bought it last September. I can see in the receipts from the previous owner that he had the pushrods and rocker arms replaced a few thousand miles ago. Has headers, and the...
  5. 1972 sweep dash odometer

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hey there new to this but i have had my El Camino for about 2 years now.its my first car and i am very attached to it.very basic drivetrain. regular turbo 350 and a 350 out of a 68 camaro..anyway i love the car and i want everything to work..well to my point.the odometer rarely ever works.i...
  6. 72 SS El Camino bench seatbelts

    Interior Restoration
    I have an early 72 SS El Camino bench seat with a partial seatbelt set. There are long shoulder belts with tongues mounted on the sail pannels; Retractors with tongues at each door; black plastic buckles mounted on the tunnel. There is no way to interconnect the shoulder belts, and I am not sure...
  7. 1972 Body by Fisher Plate Decoding?

    RPO Codes
    Hey Guys, From the fresh new red paint on the camino, I was able to find the body plate for her. (It was black before and I couldnt read it...) I was hoping someone could decode it for me...I tried to google how to do it, but could only find it for camaros and chevelles. Or if you could...
  8. My First Car!

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hey everybody, my name's Logan. I've loved El Camino's since i was 2 and now I'm finally driving my dream car. I bought it when I was 16 (I'm 18 now) for, I'm not ashamed to say, $4900. It's a 1972 with a 383 stroker and a TH350 (I want a muncie sooo bad). Here's a picture of my car. I haven't...
  9. Need a seat!!

    Interior Restoration
    Hey everyone! My '72 is equipped with a bench seat. I've already taken it out once and noticed that it has no mechanism to make the back-part lean forward. My guess is that at one time the original seat was taken out and replaced with one out of a 4-door Malibu or something similar. Anyways...
  10. Door Handle Problems on my '72

    Body Restoration
    Hey everyone! The problem I am having with my passenger side exterior door handle is that I have to push the button completely in while slightly pushing and pulling on the door for it to open. The interior handle works perfect and I don't know what is going on with the outer.:dontknow: I hope...
  11. Recomending websites for parts?

    General BS Topics
    hey guys..im new to this posting/replying system on here so im not exactly sure if im in the right place to post or not haha. But what i am looking for is a website that has a big inventory but still cheaper prices. year one, the elcamino store do have quite a few things, but the prices are...