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1973 el camino

  1. 73 Headlight Issues

    Electrical Systems
    New to the forum, hoping to get this solved. I have a '73 El Camino. Problem is headlights. Have replaced just about everything in the circuit, meaning headlight switch, dimmer switch, bulbs, turn signal cam, bulb pigtails, sanded grounds the works. I'll supply wire diagrams to show what I am...
  2. 1973 Cowl Tag decipher

    VIN Decoding
    Hey guys! Finally got around to picking up my 73 Elco but I was wondering what information lies behind the cowl tag. If I could get any assistance thatd be awesome: Body By Fisher ST73 1AD80 K 178190 BDY TR 705 A52 26 A PNT 04D17 0121 Thats what I see