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  1. 1973 Chevrolet El Camino

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    Hi Fella's Can you help me figure out if this 73' is in fact a Super Sport? I am currently unable to attach pictures of the trim tag and vehicle. Best, Michael
  2. 73 el camino vin and engine code

    VIN Decoding
    Hey All, I'm very new to digging on numbers to see if they match etc. so I am hoping I can get some help here. I am trying to figure out if the engine I have (454) came out of the car it came in. The numbers I have are: VIN on title: 1D80Y3K514381, cast numbers on motor: GM 10T and 12978. I...
  3. 73 el camino custom 454 estate

    RPO Codes
    I don't know much about how to look up how rare (if at all) a particular car is. I have a 73 el camino. When decoding the vin, it says its an el camino custom, but on the side of the front quarter panel, it says estate. Any and all info is helpful at this point. Thank you in advance.
  4. Replacing a 72 bench seat with a 73

    Interior Restoration
    I just bought a 72 Elky which has a ripped up bench seat. I found a local junkyard with a 1973 El Camino. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the 73 bench seat will fit in the 72. Thanks!
  5. 1973 Cowl Tag decipher

    VIN Decoding
    Hey guys! Finally got around to picking up my 73 Elco but I was wondering what information lies behind the cowl tag. If I could get any assistance thatd be awesome: Body By Fisher ST73 1AD80 K 178190 BDY TR 705 A52 26 A PNT 04D17 0121 Thats what I see
  6. Howdy from South Texas!

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    Hello everyone, my names Mike and I have found something that I found interesting, not sure if y'all will see it the same seeing as its a less desirable model, but I uncovered a matching numbers 1973 El Camino SS with the 454 just lying in this guys backyard. Now, its not in driving conditions...
  7. What is this interior?!

    Interior Restoration
    What is this thing, where did it come from and how do I mash it into my '73?! I found this via a googling of '1973 el camino interior' trying to find out what kind of knobs go on my headlight switch (the knob is just...gone) and according to the site it is associated with, this interior is a...
  8. '73 Passenger Mirror?!

    Body Restoration
    Hey guys! My '73 never came from the factory with a right-hand mirror, according to pictures from the gentleman I purchased it from. His employee who used the vehicle stuck a horrible little after-market plastic thing on it!! I need to save her! Hopefullyforcheap?! Anyone know where to get...
  9. North Central Texas - Finally Joining the Fold

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    After years and years, I have finally managed to snag a piece of my solid-steel-encased childhood. As of this morning, I am the owner of a 1973 El Camino. She's not stock, she's showing her 40 years, but she is a cougar! Pictures from the listing for all to salivate over as I did for the last...
  10. None of my gauges work... Help?

    Electrical Systems
    None of the gauges work on my 73 SS. Ignition, exterior lights, and wipers all work, but none of the gauges, radio, A/C, work at all. It's tricky driving a 454 with no fuel gauge... I don't have a lot of experience on the electircal side of things, so I just wanted to see if you folks had any...
  11. Help with 73 454 motor mount location

    Engine Topics
    I apologize if this topic has been addressed too many times. I am new to the forum, and have searched for this topic, but haven't found anything yet. I am trying to get my car back on the road, and am losing time. If you know a thread that covers my question, please direct me there. Here is my...
  12. Hello everyone, from Northeast Texas!

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    Hello y'all, I'm Marcus from East Texas (Pittsburg/Mt. Pleasant area). It's good to connect with fellow "ElCo" owners, as I have found out that we are a small, but distinguished bunch. I bought my first El Camino 6 months ago, a 1973, and love it more and more every day. The car was more of a...
  13. I want to know what my rpo codes are

    RPO Codes
  14. My new project/daily driver 73 EL CAMINO SS 350

    Region 6 (FL)
  15. 1973 Estate- Need Info/specs

    General BS Topics
    Hey guys, I will soon be in possession of my father's old 1973 El Camino estate. It is essentially stock except for a shift kit and a custom dual exhaust. Mercifully, the wood paneling was terminated with extreme prejudice soon after my father acquired the car. It is cherry red. It will be...
  16. electronic ignition HELP!

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    im putting an electronic ignition in my 1973 camino. got everything in great, went to start it, started right up and it ran for about 20 seconds and then died.. :cry2: Now when i turn the key, it wont spark, and when i turn the key back, it makes this loud noise... HELP??!:???:
  17. Tire Alignment Specs 73

    Wheels & Tires
    Im going to UTI right now and im able to align my tires at school for free. Does anyone have the Specs for 73 elco.? the outsides of my tires are wearing out quick. i stopped driving until i can get everything straightened out.