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  1. 74 radiator core support/inner fender

    Wanted Items
    Looking for the radiator core support, and INNER passenger side wheel well for my 1974. Previous owner must have had a problem with a leaking battery (purely speculation) as it appears rotted in only that area. I'm in Wisconsin (53022)... I know shipping on things this size/weight can...
  2. 1974 454ss stock rear end gear ratio

    Transmission & Drive line
    Please, what was the stock rear end gear ratio mated to th ls4 454 in the 1974 super sport? Was the tranny a th400 with this engine?
  3. Just Got a 1974

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hey everyone. I just got a 1974 El Camino. I kind of lucked into it. It's been sitting for 4 or 5 years since the previous owner stopped driving. Everything is original in it except for the engine, transmission, and center console as far as I know. It has a worn out engine that got put in a...
  4. 4th Gen Seat Options?

    Interior Restoration
    Hey guys, back again with restoration questions! I have seats in my '73 that look like they came from a conversion van, and want to replace them with something. Anything really. Found some 1970 Cutlass seats for sale, and I am asking the people who know, would these be a direct bolt in? Also, if...
  5. 74 4x4 El Camino

    For New Forum Members Only
    Hello - I am trying to price my 1974 4 x 4 El Camino. It is a project car but the project does not include the motor or chasis. These are both in great condition and its 350 rumbles with the best of 'em. I originally bought it in Texas where it was used as a DARE promotion (Dare to keep...
  6. i have i 305 and i want to upgrade

    Engine Topics
    so i have a 1974 el camino with a swapped 1983 305 small block engine. my budget is about 6000 dollars what could i do with it to get more power out of it? the tranny is going to need to be replaced also as it is pretty burnt out. any advice would be helpful, i was thinking of getting it bored...
  7. 1974 doors needed

    Body Restoration
    My name is spencer I own a 1974 elco and my doors are pretty screwed up, neither of my windows work the weather stripping is gone from Both side the pass door lock does not work . I'm looking for practically cherry doors any body have them for sale please contact me at [email protected]...
  8. wanted 1974 el camino exterior mirrors

    hi my name is spencer, im restoring my 1974 el camino and i need the exterior mirrors, i have looked all over the internet and could not find any site that deals 3rd gen exterior mirrors. if anyone knows a site or is parting out a 1974 (or an elcamino with compatible mirrors) please let me know...
  9. dash pad, carpet, and soundproofing

    Interior Restoration
    so i have absolutely no dash pad on my dash its down to the plastic and i've looked online and all i see are caps that fit over the original dashpad, does anyone know of a foam or something that i can put on the dash then modify to fit? theres gotta be somebody out there who's had the same...
  10. Weird bed cap?

    Body Restoration
    I saw this bed cap on facebook the owner Dom Esposito was asking about the cap on a 1974 SS and she was told to ask the people on el camino central. I do not believe the owner has posted about it yet but I am also very curious about this bed cap. Does anyone no anything about it? Here is a...
  11. New Here. Looking for some help ASAP.

    For New Forum Members Only
    Im in OKlahoma, and i own a 1974 El Camino Classic with a stock SB400 with a TH350 transmission. I am 17 and this is my first car. I bought this car and have done a lot of work to it to get it running, but now i am having a BIG problem. It keeps breaking starters. I have gone thru about 6...