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  1. Wanted Items
    Looking for the radiator core support, and INNER passenger side wheel well for my 1974. Previous owner must have had a problem with a leaking battery (purely speculation) as it appears rotted in only that area. I'm in Wisconsin (53022)... I know shipping on things this size/weight can...
  2. Transmission & Drive line
    Please, what was the stock rear end gear ratio mated to th ls4 454 in the 1974 super sport? Was the tranny a th400 with this engine?
  3. Interior Restoration
    Hey guys, back again with restoration questions! I have seats in my '73 that look like they came from a conversion van, and want to replace them with something. Anything really. Found some 1970 Cutlass seats for sale, and I am asking the people who know, would these be a direct bolt in? Also, if...
  4. Engine Topics
    so i have a 1974 el camino with a swapped 1983 305 small block engine. my budget is about 6000 dollars what could i do with it to get more power out of it? the tranny is going to need to be replaced also as it is pretty burnt out. any advice would be helpful, i was thinking of getting it bored...
  5. Body Restoration
    My name is spencer I own a 1974 elco and my doors are pretty screwed up, neither of my windows work the weather stripping is gone from Both side the pass door lock does not work . I'm looking for practically cherry doors any body have them for sale please contact me at [email protected]
  6. CARiD.com
    hi my name is spencer, im restoring my 1974 el camino and i need the exterior mirrors, i have looked all over the internet and could not find any site that deals 3rd gen exterior mirrors. if anyone knows a site or is parting out a 1974 (or an elcamino with compatible mirrors) please let me know...
  7. Interior Restoration
    so i have absolutely no dash pad on my dash its down to the plastic and i've looked online and all i see are caps that fit over the original dashpad, does anyone know of a foam or something that i can put on the dash then modify to fit? theres gotta be somebody out there who's had the same...
  8. Body Restoration
    I saw this bed cap on facebook the owner Dom Esposito was asking about the cap on a 1974 SS and she was told to ask the people on el camino central. I do not believe the owner has posted about it yet but I am also very curious about this bed cap. Does anyone no anything about it? Here is a...
1-8 of 12 Results