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  1. Engine Topics
    The 454 is on a 10" lifted Tahoe chassis with a 1978 El Camino body. The image shows the suitably sized aluminum radiator with two possibly under-sized fans. (Mechanics have told me these fans are for a small block). After buying it I immediately noticed after 10 miles of triple-digit Phoenix...
  2. RAWR! 454 400turbotransauto ElkyTahoe 4x4

    Many safety issues that need to be worked out in this forum. Stay tuned. Rides straight and true, runs good but wants to overheat in this southwest July weather. It made the trip from Phoenix to East New Mexico on July 13th 2020. Here it is on that trip at the Texas Canyon Rest Area on HWY 10...
  3. 1978 El Camino

  4. Audio
    Now, I'm not exactly forum savvy, so if I've missed a past thread answering my question, feel free to let me know. But since I couldn't find a thread, I need to know: Does anybody know the model number of the stereos for the 1978 models? If anybody has a functioning stereo with a functioning...
  5. Performance Modifications
    Anywhere ever put a vortec 350 fuel injected engine in your elky? I have a 78 elky wanting to put a 98 vortec 350 fuel injected over in it with the 4L60E tranny. and I have the entire donor vehicle it came out of. what all of the wire harness am I gonna need. what all of the harness am I going...
  6. General BS Topics
    Hey guys I have a 1978 el camino that is basically just the body and freshly painted chassis. The body is in really good condition with no rust just the odd dings, it just needs the body work and some fresh paint and it should look nice. I also have a completely fresh interior with new carpets...
  7. Body Restoration
    Did a 50$ touch up, Kinda feel like I've riced it out or something just looking for a few opinions positive or negative, things you'd do differently, ideas etc :???: The front the rear my favorite view The side at night http://carphotos4.cardomain.com/images/0016/69/64/16169646_large.jpg?v=1
  8. Body Restoration
    So my ds lens was cracked and missing a piece when I got the car. Being cheap I didn't wantto purchase a new one for $100 so I scoured this and other forums and finally found one on ebay. $30 later I have a very nice looking ds taillight but now the ps light looks like crap. So, I go to walmart...
  9. RPO Codes
    i decoded most of it but i need some help with a little. mind decoding? 78=1978 1AW80= 2 door elky R=??? 212814=productuin # 74V=??? A52=bench seat 79M=??? 77U=??? 07B= 2nd week of july 040194=???
  10. Engine Topics
    I have a 78 everywhere i read says they did not come with a 350 but my vin is a L is that not a 350 for that year?
  11. Transmission & Drive line
    Hello guys. I own a 1978 Black Knight El Camino with a factory 4 speed. Unfortunately, it no longer has the original transmission. This brings me to my question, what is the original type of transmission it came with and can I find this in the vin number?
  12. Wheels & Tires
    I know that most of you would not aprove of this, but i feel this is the only place i can get some real help, from real people. I really want to put some nice irocs on my elco and ive decided that i want to go with 24's, I know (donk donk). i need to know what kind of lift i would need. a...
1-12 of 18 Results