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1980 el camino
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  1. Air Conditioning & Heating Systems
    Hi all! Just wanted to pick your brains about an a/c R12 to R134A retrofit..... Does anyone know the correct size conversion fittings to retrofit my original R12 system? Believe it or not retrofit kits are getting harder to come by these days (In 1995 I thought they’d ALWAYS be readily...
  2. Engine Topics
    I just bought this 1980 Elky from a guy who has been sitting on it for the last ten years. He rebuilt a 350 4 bolt main out of a '74 Camaro and put an Edelbrock performance kit on it. It still has the Carter AFB 625cfm on it as well (which will be replaced asap!). When I bought the thing, it had...
1-2 of 3 Results