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1981 el camino
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  1. Engine Topics
    I just replace alternator & starter plan to do an oil change and coolant as of right now she struggles to turn on and have to give it gas so it turns on but as soon as she’s on she’s good anyone have an idea what it could be ? I really just want to get her right so I can drive her confidently
  2. Electrical Systems
    Just trying to get some advice on which ACC fuse i should or could use and also if you see anything else wrong please point out lol
  3. Electrical Systems
    I’m swapping to digital and all wiring harness diagrams I’ve seen don’t match the colored wires I just wanna find power and ground so I can atleast see how fast I’m going haha
  4. Region 13 (TX)
    Inquiring about an 81 El Camino in Marshall (East TX). Elderly gentleman just posted it online to AutoTrader. Seems to have been advised by his grandchildren to sell it since they bought him a new Sierra truck. Anyone seen the vehicle, know of him, or willing to stop by to see if it's worth...
  5. Electrical Systems
    I found out that the gauges in my '81 Elky are completely dead, and I am considering going back with the panel from Dakota Digital. My only problem is the replacement doesn't look like it will fit, and I want to be sure it will fit before I spend a lot of money. Here is a link to photos of the...
1-5 of 6 Results