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  1. RPO Codes
    Good Day, I am asking this on behalf of my father who just bought a 1981 El Camino and was looking to have this tag decoded. Body By fisher 81 04B 1AW80 D170244 77D 16L 16U L AM6 4147 D91 16L 72U Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you...
  2. Electrical Systems
    So I just bought my 81, el Camino conquista this last Friday and didn’t notice the wipers did not work until I got home. I don’t know if it is a switch issue or a motor or maybe I’m just not understanding how to turn them on. Whenever I flip the switch from off to low and high I get no...
  3. Brake Systems
    My brake warning light has been on since I bought the car. I have replaced the rear shoes, a leaky brake cylinder and bleed the brakes, all which needed doing regardless. However I believe the culprit is the parking brake switch. There is no wirw connecting it to anything. My research finds...
  4. Engine Topics
    I got into my 1981 el camino the other night and she died on my while coming to a stop. My car no longer would stay running without really feathering the gas. I really had to baby it to get home. If I gave it gas, it would just drag really bad. When I got home, I sprayed some carburetor cleaner...
  5. Engine Topics
    i need emission hose routing diagram with AC for my 81 elky im having trouble finding where these vacuum lines need to go. v6 229 2 barrel carb
  6. Wanted Items
    i need parts for my 81 front end heres what i got u can see what i need <--- i need passenger blinker aslo need the chrome fitting around the headlights
  7. Wanted Items
    i need a windshield for my 81 elky anyone got one i can buy for a decent price?
  8. Body Restoration
    i plan on painting my 81 elky a forest green color :poke:
  9. Wanted Items
    i need a carburetor for 1981 3.8L,229, V6 2 barrel can anyome help me out?
1-9 of 14 Results