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  1. Transmission & Drive line
    Hi all! I am a paying member, but set this up, as I can't get into my regular account for some reason! My 1982 Conquista I finally got is sitting at my mechanic's, after putting $1500 into it there, $6500 for original price w/paint (IT'S A SALVAGED TITLE, WRECKED ON THE SIDE) and I am looking...
  2. Electrical Systems
    When i turn on the headlights they stay on for a second then go out. There was a burning smell right before is happened, so i thought is was the headlight switch but that didn't fix it. I'm stuck and have no clue what else to try. I didn't see any obvious messed up wires behind the dash or under...
  3. Site Topics
    I just recently bought a 1982 Elky in great condition. It's a gunmetal grey, completely original V6 289. I love this thing. I prefer driving my Elky than driving my Charger. Unfortunately, today my windshield was foggy and when I went to switch from OFF to DEFROST on the control panel, it...
  4. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    Hey there, i am currently doing a repair on my El Camino's cooling system and i need to know the liquid capacity of my radiator.. does anyone know how many liters are in a 1982 El Camino 3.8 V6? Id appreciate it! THANKS! -LOUIE
  5. Region 10 (IL,MN,WI)
    We currently do not own an El Camino but my son has fallen in love with them and would like to get one for his first car. We have found a 1982 Conquesta andthe body is in great shape. The owner is asking $3000 for it. How do you know what the value truly is? Also, are their things we should...
  6. Wanted Items
    Hello! I am looking for a steel cowl hood to fit my 1982 El Camino. Dents and condition does not matter. I live in North Carolina.
  7. Wanted Items
    I am interested in a camper shell for my 1982 El Camino. Color does not matter, nor does rust. The only thing I ask for is that all the hardware be included and no extreme dents in the shell. I live in North Carolina.
  8. Electrical Systems
    I'm new to El Camino Central and do not know a lot about electrical systems in cars or cars in general. I have owned my '82 El Camino for 2 1/2 years now. When I bought the cruck I replaced the battery, alternator and starter. For the 5 months I have had electrical issues. My volts light on the...
  9. Electrical Systems
    I have an '82, all the gauges (except gas and speedo) are dumby ones. I went ahead and bought oil pressure/volt/water temp/tachometer gauges. I have not put them in yet. But then I was at the junk yard the other day and a saw an el camino with gauges that actually give you information. So, my...
  10. Body Restoration
    Hey guys, first post here, so be patient with me. Just bought a '82 Camino, hood's a little rusted. I'm planning to put a carbon hood on it, does anybody know what other Chevy models are compatible? I know Malibu, since it's the same chasis, but anything else? Oh, and what about compatible...
1-10 of 11 Results