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  1. Distribute giving me problems?

    Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Okay, my spark plug wires aren't giving and electrical output so my el camino won't start. You can turn the key and it will sound as if it wants to start but it won't hit so it won't start. I've been trying to find out why no electricity is going through my cables. I just replaced the coil( I've...
  2. 83 El Camino Front End

    Body Restoration
    I wrecked the front end of my 1983 El Camino. The bumper, the driver side headlights, the grill, essentially all of it. I would prefer to use an original front end rather than ordering an aftermarket one. I know GM made several models with the same style front end, but I don't know which models...
  3. Will an 86-88 faceplate/radio bezel fit an 83?

    My son just bought a cd player to install in his 83 elky. I do not want to cut up the faceplate/radio bezel to install. Looking online I found some 86-88 that kinda look like the same bezel, but do not have the knob holes that the 83 has. I am just wondering if one of these will fit, or if we...
  4. 1983 El Camino V6 Engine Knocking

    Engine Topics
    I have this El Camino and it starts and runs fine, but when started the engine idle is very high. When I kick it down to low idle the engine knocks, but it doesn't knock at all at a high idle. I was told it was a rod, but it should knock at all times, not just at a high idle. I've also heard it...
  5. 1983 El Camino Project just finished

    Document your restorations and modifications
    I bought a 1983 el camino back in april to rebuild. My dad and I have been working hard and we finally finished it today. I have other posts abput whats been done so i won't post that here but i will put a link to my flickr account. If you go to oage 7 and work your way foward you can see the...
  6. 1983 El Camino small block 305

    Document your restorations and modifications
    I got a 83 el camino last month for $1000. When I bought it, it came with tons of spare parts and a set of cragar keystones in ok shape. So far, I got it home and got it running with my Dad. It needs some body work, paint, and electrical work before its ready for the road. Originaly, this car...
  7. Interior Water Leak - 1983 Diesel Super Sport

    Body Restoration
    Hello, I have been having a water leak in my 1983 Diesel Super Sport on the passenger's side. It comes from the right side of the glove box and left side of the glove box/underneath the center console. When I reverse down my driveway and stop water will just pour out of those two spots.The...