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  1. Body Restoration
    Hi everyone! I am getting another EC and it is the two-tone blue. Can anyone tell me where to find the paint numbers so I can repaint? I am confused looking at the OEM chips. I don't know which one is the right light and dark blue! Thanks in advance for helping this old EC owner!
  2. Engine Topics
    Hi I have a 1985 el Camino 4.3l V6 and my egr valve is stuck open and I cannot find a new one anywhere. Does anyone know where I can get one?
  3. Transmission & Drive line
    hey elco centro been a while since i posted. I got my Non-CCC quadrajet and vacuum dist installed on my 1985 305. shes purring like a lion and i love the reman Qjet. Now that Ive deleted the computer i was wondering If anyone whom has spliced in a TCC lock up bypass switch could post up some...
  4. Engine Topics
    I have an 85 elco 305 with reman quadrajet from national. I was having this issue before carb was replaced. Keep getting code 24 during warm ups. Car is in park not moving. New vss buffer New coolant temp sensor New thermostat Cleaned connectors from harness to ecm but I didn't remove ecm...
  5. Interior Restoration
    I just recently picked up an '85 and upon buying it I realized the interior was kind of garabage. I'm wanting to put in some bucket seats, a handbrake , and a center console. If anyone has examples of this done and suggestions for new parts or even possible junk yard searches I would appreciate it
  6. Electrical Systems
    Hello ok well while I was driving my headlight stop workin parking lights are fine bReak lights are fine went to put blinker on headlights powered on. Now headlights are not working at all . Please help any suggestions on what the problem Might be any help is much appreciated thanks
  7. Ignition Upgrades & Discussion Forum
    Hi, i have an 85 el camino ss. when i got the car it was running fine. But now, the ignition switch isnt working it was just clicking.(not the starter, i think its the fuel). i got a new one and the car started up right away. i turned it off and when i tryd again about 30 min later but the same...
  8. Body Restoration
    Hello everyone. Was looking around forms Google, Craigslist etc...and I've seen many 4X4 El Caminos. Some great and some...:neutral2:. Now before the NECOA seizes me Elky from me just hear me out. I'm not looking to jack it up, put the biggest tires I can find then paint it camo. (No offense if...
  9. Body Restoration
    I apologize in advance if I am posting this in the wrong section. Okay, now I have found a 78-87 El Camino bed cap for sale. It is $125 not in the best shape but you know I've seen worse. So good deal or bad deal? Also do you think the bed caps look neat or aren't even worth the money?
  10. Electrical Systems
    Hello everyone yes i know it says Elkly gimmie a break im new.:let_it_all_out: but anyways a little while back i deleted he A.I.R metal lines and removed the belt to the pump itself but i have a smog coming up pretty soon im sure so i went ahead and re-installed those dastardly metal lines and...
  11. Body Restoration
    Hey Guys, I'm new so be gentle, but anyway. I'm looking to sell my 85', problem is I'm not really sure what it's worth, or where the best place to go would be. Any suggestions? Background: 147k miles, V6 4.3L, Everything is original, possible transmission rebuild?, only one cancer spot...
  12. Audio
    I got a 1985 el camino not to long ago and was wondering about the speaker size I know the dash is 3.5" I was wondering if 4" would fit because I'm wanting to but speakers of this brand. http://www.bossaudio.com/main/1306 I was also wanting to get his stereo and this sub woofer...
  13. Engine Topics
    I have a 1985 EC with a 4bbl V8 305. Does anyone have a vacuum diagram for this EC. If so please e-mail it to me at [email protected] PS My EC is a California EC originally. If you have a CA diagram so much the better. PPS The decal under the hood is unreadable.
  14. Engine Topics
    1985 305 350 California Engine Swap Questions at end. Goal:Good dependability and smogable. The guy at Jegs says the engine below will drop right in. The CA Smog Referee says do it and re-install the smog stuff. He said treat it as a "replacement" engine. NEW Jegs 350 Engine Components...
  15. Wanted Items
    hey i'm looking for a steering colum that will fit an 85 elcamino the car is an automatic with a center console shifter not trying to spend big money... thanks a bunch
1-15 of 19 Results