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  1. 1986 CCC anomaly?

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    I just bought my first El Camino on Friday, and I've spent the last few days researching it as much as possible. I have CCC DE6 #1170, from the tag on the door and the numbers match my VIN. It's got bucket seats, the hood scoop with emblems, side exhaust, door emblems, the CCC train on the dash...
  2. 86 - 305 to 350 problems

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys. I have been working on dropping in a 350 crate engine in place of the tired 305. I opted to remove all of the computer controlled components (have the wires were missing or already unplugged) and the emissions (half of the emissions components were missing). I have the new 350 in and...
  3. 1981 el camino

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    Longtime lurker, about to be a proud el camino owner. So I'm in the process of getting a 1981 Elkie caballero, with a 231 v6. My concerns are fuel economy and if I should switch out the carb with a fuel injector and if I do what the mpg will be then. Any help would be appreciated. Also any...
  4. 86 El Camino V6 rebuild

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    Hey everyone. Im new here. But i got an 86 elky 4.3l V6 262 ci. i've had it for a year. everything is original. This vehicle has been rode hard since it was made and now i need to rebuild the engine. does anyone have any ideas where i can get an engine rebuild kit?
  5. 1986 Camino - What to Do

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    I finally decided to join on behalf of my dad who's had El Caminos for 20+ years. The current one is an 86 and it's health has gone down as my dad's has. He's in a nursing facility now; we're trying to figure out what to do with the vehicle. :dontknow:It DEFINITELY STAYS parked out front til...
  6. Help? Diverter valve for emmisions?

    Engine Topics
    Hey guys I've been looking for a picture or diagram of the emissions on an 1986 V6 El Camino. I need a picture because someone took of the "diverter valve" <- not sure if correct name, and i don't know where the heck it is supposed to be mounted! So i basically need to know where the "diverter...
  7. Eric's 1986 Project

    Engine Topics
    Okay so I'm going to be starting my Engine "Buff" project shortly, I plan on starting with headers and slowley learning from there and moving on to harder and more "drastic" things. So I'm going to start looking into some Headers, but if you have any suggestions on a specific kind for an 86 that...
  8. Restoring My Exterior

    Body Restoration
    Okay so I've had my El Camino for about 3 years now (still love it) and I've been working on it slowly but steadily. And the other week some a$$ put me into a ditch while I was making a LEGAL 3 point turn. In the ditch my right side view mirror hit a tree and completely knocked it off. The bolts...