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  1. Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
    After a thorough search of the Forum, I cannot find any thread to my solution, so here we go. The car: 1987 Elky, Camaro/Monte Carlo Front end, 355 w/ MSD atomic EFI. Problem: The radiator does not cool the motor enough. I have a NEW radiator (with Dual Electric Fans) that i got from a...
  2. Electrical Systems
    Hi everyone, I am 17 and just bought a 1987 El Camino. I need to get the wipers working for an inspection sticker and I could use some help. I already replaced my signal lever and wiper switch in the steering column. That was my first guess of the issue. (The previous signal lever was cracked...
  3. My 1987 GMC Caballero

    I realize I screwed this whole format up but I think if you look at this you get the general idea I bought a wreck I fixed it and who knows where I'll go from here I've always wanted one I had a blast doing it and I really enjoy driving and owning it .
  4. Wanted Items
    need 1 door mirror Right hand or pass side for a 87.. needs to be remote w/cable.. ok if it needs paint.. :texas:
  5. Engine Topics
    Its an 87 El Camino, Chevy 305, Rochester Quadrajet Carb. I don't know the correct way to connect all of the hoses from the carb. any help would be appreciated, a diagram or picture would be best.
  6. Engine Topics
    my 87 el camino first started having a rough idle then upon acceleration kind of a misfire. when on the freeway started to hear backfire-ish sounds and lost power then wouldnt start. started looking at fuel problems carburetor is getting gas, then checked for spark have that then checked to see...
  7. Engine Topics
    I can get a hold of an '87 el camino right now, but I want to know more about it to make sure it is a good deal. I don't know much about cars to I want to make sure I'm not getting myself into too much. The body is fine, and tranny has no problems, but the engine has a knocking sound in it. The...
  8. Electrical Systems
    I was wondering if there was a single place that i could get all my wiring diagrams. there has been alot of rebuilding being done to my 87 elco and its a pain in the rear having to go and look online or call the dealer for a diagram of this and that. is there a book where i can find it all or an...
  9. Wanted Items
    Looking for nice front bumper with holes for impact strips 1987 elky Eric in rainy pnw Let me know what you have and price to part with it.
  10. Region 6 (FL)
    Here's my 1987 El Camino with 317 miles: Here's all three El Camino's: Another 1987 El Camino with 14,000 miles:
  11. Engine Topics
    I own a 1987 Elky, with the 262, 4.3L. TBI. i also have the ORIGINAL air cleaner assembly and is the only thing in the engine compartment with a little surface rust. I am interested in upgrading to a chrome unit. (The one that has no walls and an open air element) However, i am having...
  12. Audio
    i read a previous thread completely denying why this would be a bad idea. i did it... Completely enclosed sub box. CUSTOM. in bed of my '87 El camino. I made box with proposed speaker specs. give me some feed back. On the previous thread, nobody thought it was a good idea.. -btw, i use a two...
1-12 of 16 Results