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  1. Transmission & Drive line
    I have a 85 El camino with a 305 in it. That much I do know. The question I have is what transmission does this have. I cannot seem to find any information on best way to identify and I cannot find the nameplate on the transmission. I believe that it is a 200-4R but I would like to be positive...
  2. Transmission & Drive line
    Within the next year or so, I will be installing a crate engine or going with an ls engine, I will be pushing close to 400hp. I would like to stick with the 200-4r, and want to know of a good place to buy one that can take the abuse. I have heard of so many places like monster, extreme...
  3. Transmission & Drive line
    So I hadn't really planned on it... but I just bought a 200r4 out of a 87 Monte. I have been thinking about converting from a 200 Metric to the 200r4. I found one on Craigslist and guess what... it was literally 5 blocks away from me!!!! Clean, nice shape. The fluid is nice and red. No bad...
1-3 of 3 Results